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The other night I was talking to Darren about programming, networking, investing, etc., and he showed me an interesting site where the average person can invest their money as a creditor to the common person. It's Prosper.com. People who need money for whatever reason and are looking for a good deal come to propser.com and post a "i need money" request. People review their request, look at their debt to ratio information, etc., and then decide how much you will give them at a specified interest rate. You bid to loan. The company bundles a bunch of "people" creditors with the lowest required rate of return to meet the persons demands. Then the company extracts the monthly payments out of their bank and deposit your share of money in your account.

I'm not sure how solid this company is but it's worth investigating.

Look at this ladies "i need money" pitch.

"I find myself at a point in my life where even though I feel comfortable in my own skin, there is still one part of me ( two actually!) that I feel I must take drastic measures to change to feel 100% complete. I work out daily to stay fit, but no amount of excercise will help these little boobies out! I'd give anything to be able to wear cute clothing without looking like something is 'missing' up on top, or worrying that the padded bra is showing! Ahhh to be able to burn those padded bras!!

"I am a good candidate for this loan because my expenses are almost nothing. All household bills are paid by my husband, so my income is extra and discretionary. What I don't spend on the kids, I use to enrich our family life. If I delayed a year, I would be able to have enough saved to pay for the surgery outright. But I've waited almost 30 years, and I'm afraid if I don't do it now I might lose the opportunity or my nerve!

"My surgery is scheduled, I have the time off of work, and I have my family behind me supporting my decision. I have also secured financing from the doctors office but I am hoping to reduce the interest rate with this process. Here is your chance to help me, and to make some money at the same time!"

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There is another reason why T-Mobile is better than weak sauce companies like Verizon. T-Mobile is offering free Wireless Hot Spot Access on the weekends between 12 am EST Saturday to 3 am EST Monday at all U.S. T-Mobile HotSpot locations. Sweet uh? If you find yourself in an airport over the weekend, whip out your laptop or Wi-Fi device (Phone, PDA, etc..), connect to the T-Mobile Hot Spot, load a browser, and follow the instructions. Check it out - T-Mobile

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A bunch of random stuff::::

BYU men's bathrooms sell tampons for 25 cents. Thank goodness!

Last month I payed my rent online with a Credit Card and accidently entered the wrong expiration date. Turns out the field is pointless. They processed the payment with the wrong expiration date.

This is quoted from a recent email: I recently learned about Internet savings accounts through CNN Money and had it re-affirmed in my Personal Financial Management course and in the Wall Street Journal. They have some very high yield accounts available to help with anyone trying to save money for a downpayment, tuition, or whatever. Here's some of the accounts currently
out there:

HSBC Direct - 4.8% APY - This is a special rate offer through 4/30/06
and will return to the standard rate after that, which is currently 4.25%.
If you sign up through http://hsbcdirect.com/1/start.htm and get a $25
bonus using the promotional code 25pig (the $25 is considered interest and is
credited to your account 45 days after opening). www.hsbcdirect.com

EmigrantDirect - 4.25% APY - This is currently their standard rate.

ING Direct - 4.75% APY - This is a special rate offer through 4/15/06
and will return to the standard rate after that, which is currently 3.8%.
They offer referral bonuses for friends you refer and open an account with
at least $250. www.ingdirect.com

All of these are FDIC insured, so they won't depreciate like mutual
funds and stocks can. The rates are variable (as all checking and savings
account rates are), but these are the highest savings account rates out there
by far. Be sure to read all of the Disclosures, Terms and Conditions, etc.
before opening an account (some limit the number of withdrawals per month, some have fees for closing the account within 6 months, etc.).

If you're looking for a web hosting service to host a webpage I would recommend www.dreamhost.com. Using the promotion code 777 for the crazy insane domain for 12 months is $9.24. You get 20GB of storage space and 1TB of monthly bandwith with 3000 email adresses.

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Gaming: Making the world a better place

It seems spouses and parents are always debating whether or not Gaming Systems (i.e Playstation, XBOX) are good/health/productive/whatever. For those of you who are not advocates of GS consider these two things: they increase map reading skills, and they increase child labor happiness in third world countries. Pretty impressive isn't it?

In third world countries hundreds, perhaps thousands, of child-based gaming factories have sprung up. Youngsters sit in rows for up to 12 hours at a time building up characters with lots of power and special attributes. These characters are then sold to gamers who want to play with the big boys but are so junk they cannot build there own players. What pathetic loser buys someones player, especially for a lot of money?

Anyways, I do not support child labor, but thank goodness of the GS, at least they are playing games not digging mines or sewing clothes. You see gaming makes this world a better place.

For more information see this article: The Underground Economy of Gaming

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Who is taking over the world: Google or Apple?

A month or two ago Google would have had my vote, but now I think I lean towards Apple. While Google does have a popular search engine, a great email service, and a host of other features (i.e Google Desktop, Google Video, Google Maps, Google Books), most of which I subscribe to, Apple has the iPOD. Apple virtually owns all music people (Music on iTunes), is competing with Google for the TV people (TVshows on iTunes vs. TV shows on Google Video), and as of recent is making its move on the car people. Automobiles are now being custom built with iPOD hookups and steering wheel controls. Can you believe it; Apple is taking over?



Since little kids that can't have cell phones can have iPODs and since they make great Christmas gifts I would not be surprised if iPODs become more popular than cell phones. They are taking over my friends; taking over.

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Christmas was sweet. I'll recap it as briefly as possible.

First we took a nice relaxing 11 hour drive to Davis, California (Erins home town) where we mainly hungout and went Christmas shopping.

Then we took another nice relaxing drive, this one was only 8 hours (You can imagine how disappointed I was being from Hawaii and all) to San Diego, Califonia where Erin's grandparents live. We were only there for one day so we didn't do much; although we did was Narina - awesome.

Then off to Mexico. Well, actually we decided to take a quick trip to hell and back then go to Mexico. That's right my friends we flew on Mexicana Airlines which might I add is owned and operated by the devil himself. Anyways, so we went to Mazatlan, Mexico - I think I'm in love. We relaxed on the beach, ate fine Mexican food, rented 4 wheels for an hour (we cruised up and down the beach, through a coconut tree plantation, and saw a crocodile in a mans yard), convinced some locals to fight their roosters for us, went parasailing, etc, etc, etc.

After Mexico we spent a few more days in San Diego. It was one of the lowest tides of the year there so we went and hung out on some tide pools. Check out this crab I caught. Anyways then we drove 11 hours back to Utah.


Disclaimer: Any misspellings or grammatical errors are not my fault but are actually the result of technological imperfections. Anything sweet or cool I did on purpose.

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